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Additional Services

Medical Transport
We provide non-emergency medical transportation to Physical Therapy, Doctors’ Appointments, Hospital Visits, Specialist Offices, and other medical related visits.

Yes, a specialized & professional driver will come to your place of residence or other specified destinations to safely drive you to your doctor.

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Package Deliveries
As a local small courier, we do not engage in delivering of No Hazards, No Shipping Containers, and No Animals.

What are your local Parcel delivery request(s)?

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Once your gift (or e-Gift) card is purchased and activated for the intended recipient, the card can be used for immediate vehicle travel. You may begin to view and spend what is available as a card balance. Whenever the card is used, we will alert you of your balance via e-mail, text or within your personal portal (or backoffice).

With Holidays approaching, your family and friends may enjoy a free vehicle travel from you. What about helping others that are that cannot afford a vehicle at this time.

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After purchasing your Membership Card, your card can be used for immediate vehicle travel. A portal (or backoffice) is setup for tracking your preferred and exciting rides and trips.

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Staying Rideshare Safe and Protected

911 Assistance

In an emergency, seconds count.

Federal regulators estimate about 10,000 lives could be saved every year if first responders could get to a 911 caller just one minute faster.

We want you to have the tools to get help quickly if you’re facing an emergency situation. That is why we added an emergency button to the thExpeditor web and app.

While all drivers and riders have the emergency button in their web and app, in some cities we have invested in new technology that makes certain trip details available to 911 dispatchers electronically.

When a rider or driver uses the in-app emergency button to call 911, the car’s make and model, license plate, and GPS location are made available to 911 dispatchers.   

The Drivers can access their safety toolkit by tapping the shield icon on their web or app. After tapping the 911 Assistance feature, you will see your GPS location, car make and model, and license plate.

If you tap the “Call 911” button and connect to an emergency dispatcher, those trip details become available to them digitally and can be used to respond to an emergency. thExpeditor customer support team will follow-up with a check-in.


Safety Hotline

Click the following following button for thExpeditor call safety hotline for assistance.


Reporting an Incident or Accident

If you're involved in an accident or incident, first make sure that all parties involved are safe. Contact the police and paramedics if necessary.

Whether you are a Driver or Rider, please report the incident or accident.

It is the Driver's responsibility to let us know what happened. We will call you to confirm if you are in good condition and to gather information as needed.


It is the responsibility of the Rider to let us know what happened. We will call you to confirm if you are in good condition and to gather information as needed.


For third-party involvement, please provide all the relevant information about an accident.


Vehicle Inspections

The vehicle goes through a daily inspection prior to accepting picking up our customers.

There is a daily, weekly and monthly vehicle inspection that occurs each month for your safety. 

It is the Driver's responsibility to inspect and report any minor issues prior to or ending his/her day of travels.

Please note that our Drivers do not carry cash.

All vehicle are equipped with tracking devices and surveillance.

You may view the approaching and departing vehicle prior to pickup and dropoff online or a mobile cellular telephone.

After the completion of the ride, your access to view or track your ride is suspended until a new ride has been initiatied.

List Rideshare Driver

All drivers are required to have no accidents on their records for at-least 2 years or traffic violations.

All drivers legal records (or violations) are reviewed. The driver must possess 7 years of no legal matters or violations.

Each driver has to submit to a drug and alcohol prior to employment. The drug and alcohol testing will occur twice a year. The drug and alcohol testing may occur unannounced.

If you experience a driver under the influence of a drug or alcohol, click the Travel Emergency button below and please call our office immediately and the vehicle can be terminated immediately. A new vehicle will arrive and pick you up and deliver you to your final destination.

Refer & Earn

Refer your friends and earn up to $100 or complimentary rides.